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SSR2 is live!


It's finally happening!

Some time ago, I got annoyed at the lack of seriously simple RSS readers. They all offered the option to read articles inline, a feature which I barely ever use, as weird as that may seem. I wanted something way more minimalistic. Just a simple list of links would suffice. And so I set out to see what I could accomplish.

Now, almost four months of development later, it's finally finished. What started as a bit of an experiment quickly turned into a full-blown project and eventually the final product that's open for the world to use today. It's been quite the ride, but that makes it all the more satisfying.

I won't bother with the nitty-gritty details of development for now (though that may be a fun story for another time). Instead, let's all celebrate we can add yet another RSS reader to the already huge pile. Here's hoping SSR2 can find its niche in there.
And of course a launch post isn't complete without the obligatory message; if you happen to run into any odd behavior, shoot me an email and I'll look into it!

Your friendly neighborhood website administrator,
~ Fang